The Liminal Freelance Landscape: Geography, Proximity and Community

  • Laine Goldman


This article features nationally recognized multimedia artists candidly discussing the shifting landscape of their freelance work. For these professionals, soliciting clients is intrinsically linked to their global or local networked community. Therefore, the topography of freelance is not about land in the same way as geography is not simply about location. Rather, place is about where these professionals find themselves in relation to the economy, community and other influences that allow
us to understand the relational layering of freelance work. This is a starting point for a conversation that recognizes liminality, community, and proximity as a way to navigate a more expansive, socially constructed view of freelance.

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Goldman, L. (2014). The Liminal Freelance Landscape: Geography, Proximity and Community. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 1(1).