Single Carrot Theatre: Financial Crisis Leads to Artistic Pivot

  • Stephanie Chin
  • Sidney Pink
Keywords: arts entrepreneurship, theatre, adaptive capacity, pivot, innovation, Single Carrot Theatre


This teaching case study examines how Single Carrot Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland used adaptive capacity, leadership structures and risk assessment to implement a large organizational and artistic pivot. The case study is designed for undergraduate students to analyze how an established arts organization in financial risk can pivot from a traditional model to an innovative business structure while managing financial sustainability, audience growth and artistic vision. The Instructor’s Manual includes learning objectives, sample questions and additional resources to guide discussion around organizational culture and the important role of artistic vision in arts organizations.

How to Cite
Chin, S., & Pink, S. (2021). Single Carrot Theatre: Financial Crisis Leads to Artistic Pivot. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 3(1), 12-16.