Instructor's Manual: Powell Flutes

  • Steven A. Wasser
Keywords: arts entrepreneurship, case study, innovation, market, Powell Flutes


Students often see innovation or creativity as beyond them. No doubt many educators hear “I’m not creative” or “I don’t know how to come up with ideas” from their students. This manual explains how the case can help students innovate by (1) articulating the need or problem, (2) plumbing the depths of personal experience, (3) staying focused on the objective and (4) assuming away obstacles. While this is a practical approach, Clayton Christensen’s concept of “disruptive innovation” provides some theoretical context that is interwoven in the case. Questions for discussion are posed along with brief answers offered by the case.

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Wasser, S. A. (2021). Instructor’s Manual: Powell Flutes. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 3(1), 29-34.