Entrepreneurial Responses to the COVID Era

A Qualitative Study of Five Professional Music Entrepreneurs

  • José Valentino Ruiz-Resto
  • Derris Lee
  • Chris Shelton
Keywords: arts entrepreneurship, COVID-19, qualitative, venture sustainability, creative entrepreneurs, predictive modeling


The impact of COVID-19 has affected not only private citizens, but also arts entrepreneurship professionals and their respective business models. To explore both the problems experienced by professional music entrepreneurs and their solutions for navigating company survivability, growth and impact, a multiple-case qualitative research study using intensity sampling and grounded theory was conducted to uncover how professional music entrepreneurs (N = 5) succeeded in not only surviving the pandemic’s effects on their personal businesses, but also in augmenting their companies’ finances, resources and impact within the constructs of a post-COVID multimodal creative economy. The results present various themes and suggestions for implementation within music (and arts) entrepreneurship practice and education.

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Ruiz-RestoJ. V., LeeD., & SheltonC. (2021). Entrepreneurial Responses to the COVID Era: A Qualitative Study of Five Professional Music Entrepreneurs. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 3(2), 38-57. https://doi.org/10.46776/jaee.v3.97