Industrial Strategies

Rhetoric at the Intersection of Arts and Entrepreneurship

  • Conner Tomlinson
Keywords: arts entrepreneurship, rhetoric, industrial music, anti-music


By emphasizing the rhetorical processes integral to arts entrepreneurship, this study hopes to open up a rhetorical vocabulary that will simultaneously expand arts entrepreneurship discourse and bridge the gap between its constituent terms. Likewise, the abstract processes of rhetoric offer an insightful perspective on the specific processes of entrepreneurship in the arts. The first wave of Industrial Music in the late 1970s and early ‘80s is taken as a case study in order to articulate how a group of artist-entrepreneurs used information, attention and sound itself as rhetorical tactics to engage in an emancipatory form of arts entrepreneurship. In step with these objectives, my rhetorical model tethers notions of socio-aesthetic attack and emancipation to a critical rhetoric informed by poststructuralist thought. The resulting analysis shows how Industrial artists used rhetorical tactics as entrepreneurial bricolage to both span and challenge the divide between business, artistic and social practice.

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TomlinsonC. (2021). Industrial Strategies: Rhetoric at the Intersection of Arts and Entrepreneurship. Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Education, 3(2), 75-94.